Device Bondage is the domination of sluts in barbaric metal devices.

As an established and famed rigger, "The Pope" needs no introduction. He has roped, trained, fucked, and taken ownership of more subs than other Doms. And as he takes over the Device Bondage site, he is showing no remorse for submissive sluts who need to be demeaned, broken and deconstructs them into the contorted forms of his choosing.

But their bodies aren't the only things that will contort. Using one of the cruelest and most controversial forms of sensory deprivation, he waterboards his victims until they drown in their own submission and humiliation, while loving every minute of it. This is not Guantanamo - it's much much worse.

With space deprivation, female slaves are put into tiny spaces and bound in metal devices, with cages so small that if claustrophobia doesn't overtake his victims, the cramping from being restrained will. "The Pope" uses his arsenal of water, hooks, tit-mangling, gags and all implementations of torment at his disposal to taunt sluts and turns them into drooling piles of spent whores.

Waterboarding, rigging, suspension bondage. No holds barred. No mercy.

Dedicated aficionados of bondage fetish will devour these HD videos. Competent, confident and a connoisseur of BDSM, bondage, and slave-training, "The Pope" enters the stage full force and makes his territory.

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